Your Administrative Team

  • Ms. Anna – 
    • has been working in childcare for 10+ years. She started as Pre-K teacher for a couple years and then has been a Center Director ever since! Her favorite part of working in a center is helping her team bring their curriculum to life in the classroom and watching the children learn and grow as they age from classroom to classroom.
  • Ms. Aimee
    • has been with our Ally family since we opened our doors. She was a great teacher who has become a fantastic Assistant Director. Aimee’s favorite part of working with children is seeing their faces light up each day when they learn something new. She loves hearing them laugh and explore the world through their eyes!

Infant Team

  • Ms. Susan –
    • has been working in childcare for 10+ years with multiple age groups. Her favorite part of her classroom is engaging “her babies” in activities, hearing them giggle, and making the transition easy from home to school.
  • Ms. Jenn
    • Jenn has been working with children for 10+ years! She loves working with children because it brightens her day to see their smiles and to hear children past and present say “Hey Ms. Jenn!” It is rewarding for her to see her children growing up and into their own person knowing that she was a part of their development.

Center Support

  • Ms. Kate 
    • loves working with children because they have so much pure joy and wonder about the world and are so ready and excited to learn more! She love watching them make connections and seeing the lightbulb go off in their heads when they realize something new. It is so rewarding as a teacher and helps you remember to be positive and enjoy the little things in life!
  • Ms. Alyssa

Peer Leaders

  • Ms. Kylie
    • loves seeing our children grow each and every day! She loves seeing their imagination in action during center time and how they interact and conversate with their friends. Kylie loves that the children and teachers can make each other laugh. Also, that you can be goofy with the children and they will love your bad dance moves! haha!

Toddler Team

  • Ms. Emily
    • has been working in childcare for 10+ years and has her Child Development Associates for Infants/Toddlers. She enjoys helping the children in her classroom learn about and discover the world around them.

Ms. Maddie

  • Ms. Camila
    • has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and is working towards her Child Development Associates for Infant and Toddlers. She loves watching the children in her class develop new skills and being like a second family to the children in our care.
  • Ms. Taylor –
    • loves working with children because everyday is a new adventure. She loves seeing the childrens’ faces light up when they overcome roadblocks or something difficult. She loves watching them grow up and learn something new. Taylor thinks it’s amazing to be apart of teaching them right from wrong, help them learn how to problem solve, and to teach them how to be kind.

Preschool and Pre-K Team

  • Ms. Merci
    • loves getting to experiencing her lesson plans through the eyes of the children in her classroom. She says seeing their excitement when we get messy or get to explore a new toy is so much fun!
  • Ms. Morgan T. –
    • loves
  • Ms. Jada –
  • Ms. Morgan G.-
    • loves working with children because they are fun, curious, and each child she has met has such a unique personality. They brighten her day and make each day the best! She hopes to make a difference in their lives and her biggest desire is for them to know how special they are.